Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

Michael Jordan
Tom Albers

Tom Albers, Co-Founder

Tom is our Chief Executive Hacker. Tom lives to iterate and improve on any business or process. He has built multiple startups over the last 20 years of tech leadership with five of those businesses being acquired. Tom has lead teams in most major software languages and built successful high traffic products into multiple industries including Web/eCommerce, Healthcare, SaaS/PaaS, Anti-Counterfeiting, and Data Mining. He has a passion for personal optimization and is a top tier Crossfit Athlete.

Joshua Furie

Joshua Furie, Co-Founder

Josh has always had a passion for Technology. Creating technology to help people find great work gets him out of bed every morning. He has over 8 years experience building high traffic consumer products in a number of different industries. He was born and raised in LA and is a foodie.

Rameet Singh, Co-Founder

Rameet has 10+ years of recruiting, sales, and leadership experience in the staffing space. He has helped build some of the most successful tech and engineering teams in SoCal while overseeing operations of 2 staffing agencies in LA for a nationwide firm. There Rameet also built a number of successful recruiting teams and trained hundreds of recruiters. He graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in MIS and is passionate about his family, the Lakers, technology, and helping people succeed.

Rameet Singh

Daryll Parker Jr, Technical Recruiter

Daryll has 3+ years of sales and technology recruiting experience, helping candidates find their dream job and companies build their dream team. He looks to build lasting relationships by offering guidance to anyone in need. When he’s not out changing lives, he is hanging out with his newborn son Dimitri, his beautiful wife Angel, and his puppy Marty “the bulldog” McFly.

Daryll Parker Jr
Adam Steinberg

Adrian Obeso, Talent Manager and Executive Recruiter

With over four years of sales and technology recruiting experience, Adrian has helped assemble numerous teams in Los Angeles. He builds lasting relationships and genuinely cares about everyone he partners with. Adrian was born, raised, and educated in Southern California. He is passionate about his family, craft beer, innovative technology, and playing basketball on the weekends.

Thien Ly

Thien Ly, Software Engineer

Thien is a cat loving, 5+ year software engineer, specializing in c#, .net, javascript and node! When he's not in the office, you can find him traveling, playing tennis and wedding planning with fiancé Jenn. He’s excited to be able to build products to help people find great work!

Adam Steinberg, Senior Recruitment Manager

Adam built his first computer at age 12 and has been fascinated by technology ever since. Originally hoping to grow up and design microprocessors, his life took a short detour during college - immersing himself in music and creative writing. Adam's since had eight years of experience filling engineering roles across the world, growing recruitment teams, and helping to support best practices and processes along the way. If you're looking for a recruiter who doesn't have to fake excitement about technology - someone who understands deeply and appreciates the limitless possibilities of software - Adam's your guy.

Adam Steinberg

Dawn Dasburg, Talent Sourcing Manager

Dawn started her career in Animal Science, but decided she wanted to work with animals that talk back - people! She has a unique gift in connecting with people, understanding where they are in their career journey and making positive change. National and international recruiting in the technical, digital and marketing space are what she loves. With several decades of experience in recruiting and staffing, Dawn believes that every candidate and every client is a HERO!

Dawn Dasburg
David Skara

David Skara, Talent Manager and Executive Recruiter

A native of Long Beach, CA, David graduated from UCLA with a bachelor's degree in Political Science. After almost 2 years recruiting in the healthcare industry, he made the jump to tech where his passion truly lies. When not in the office you can find him exploring LA hotspots, taking in live music, or cooking in his kitchen.

Kristen Frost

Kristen Frost, Talent Sourcing and Marketing Manager

Kristen is our candidate sourcing and direct marketing leader. She implements engagement campaigns via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Email campaigns. Kristen embodies our competitive spirits both in business and physically. As a lifelong athlete, Kristen excelled at swimming, competing through college at the University of Georgia and Southern Connecticut State University, where she was an 8 time NCAA All-American, 4 time NCAA Record Holder and 2008 Olympic Trial Qualifier. Kristen is also a profound dog lover and is rarely seen without her Rhodesian Ridgeback, Remi.